Saturday, December 12, 2009

n00bRAT -[Linux Remote Admin Tool]- (Use as Trojan to test your Firewall/IDS)

n00bRAT -[Linux Remote Admin Tool]-

I am working on an open-source undetectable TuX.RAT project, currently in its Beta stage, released at Sourceforge at following link.
Give feedback of how to grow this project... what our geek community wants.

URL ::

An undetectable Remote Administration Tool -OR- trojan, an all new approach. Easily usable, Client just requires any Web Browser to control remote machine via WebPage. Fooling firewalls/ids/ips security solutions, as it operates like any web-site.

* Remote Administration Tool for Linux/Unix (POSIX Based Machines)
* Can use it like a Trojan to test your Firewall / IDS / IPS

A Demo Video of Why This? What Code Is? How it Works?

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