Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How I got "2 Time Life-Time Banned" From Google Adsense

A Life-Time Ban from Google Adsense

I kin'of registered for Google Adsense service on my portal [ (it's dead now, no more belongs to me) ] in very initial days, probably starting 2004.
I used to have few newbie blogs (not these, other newbie blogs) on blogger related to movies, wallpapers & technology.
So, in a very honest way I added the provided AdSense code to my blogs and started posting regularly. It was working at a sloooow rate but I was Ok with it.

I recently moved over from C++ to play with VB6 and was trying all fun stuff I could get my hands on.
One of the fun things I found was making mouse-clicks at desired locations.
& zooom~click~drag~code~drag~adjust~code... 
there was an ie-ocx-control in a form, loading all my blogs one-by-one and code (pre-loaded with specific locations of X-Y locations of Ads on the pages) forging mouse-left-clicks on all Ads... all repeated with a simple Timer.

Just left it on for a night... had LOADS of Ad Clicks and never tried it again.
One week later, there was a mail from AdSense in my GMail A/c stating I've been banned for life-time from Google's AdSense service.

'Second Life' in Google AdSense

I signed-up for a new e-mail address and tried registering with a new mailing address, and there it was... my new AdSense account.
This time I did nothing against the rules.

Google released Page Creator (which is closed now) and I registered a new portal on my mailing-address at [ ] and start linking it on forums with nice technological content to get valid page hits.

And, I made a mistake. I placed a link to my old-&-no-more-existing-portal [ ] which was the portal registered with my earlier AdSense account.

Google's Crawler & Staff noticed it after I attained some amount in my account, and blocked my account and banned me for life-time Second time.

Currently, I'm on my Second Life-time Ban... and don't wanna Third Play, may be when I get bored again.

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